The "Nature" scientific magazine, write "Convalescent serum lines up as first-choice treatment for coronavirus". The therapy with plasma is 120 years old. The 1901 Nobel Prize, Emil Adolf von Behring, defeated diphtheria with this therapy.
Later it was successfully used against the Spanish flu, Poliomyelitis, Ebola, Sars and Mers. The results obtained by the hospitals of Mantova and Pavia are also exciting against the covid19 virus, all patients treated, even serious patients, are all healed. The principle is simple: what does a vaccine do?
It stimulates our immune system to produce antibodies against a specific virus. But, the patients who have healed from covid19 already have these specific antibodies, and with modern technologies a clean serum or plasma is obtained from their blood, containing only the antibodies in the desired concentration.
Transfused patients heal within a few days. It 's also possible produce a laboratory synthesis of human monoclonal antibodies, i.e. an artificial serum. Likely it could be useful against future viral threats.



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